Friday, June 9, 2017

Four Lined Plant Bug - Poecilocapus lineatus - Holmesbrook Park

This Bug Was Found At The Holmebrook Field - I've never seen one of these bugs before.  They are mating here so chances are there will be more of them next year. Right up in front too.
If you look at the plant you'll see the black spots they are leaving.  These insects cause tremendous damage.  I tried catching the insects into a jar but they have wings and I was unable to catch them. They escaped and fell to the ground after using their wings to avoid being caught. For some reason after visiting the park a second time today - to try to catch the insects.  The plant looked like a whole different liatris plant, it was wilted, as though it had been replaced by an even more damaged plant.  I'm second guessing myself, so I'm going to examine the plant again tomorrow.  The only damage to the first plant was at the top as shown in the picture, but the second plant had tiny dark spots all over it.
Someone has been stealing plants on a regular basis from the park.  I don't know about the plants planted by others in the other areas of the park, but mine which are in the small field by the gate, have been.

This was at the top of the plant

Four Lined Plant Bug - Poecilocapus lineatus

This morning I visited the park briefly. 
 As soon as I got out of my car I was greeted by a barking growling dog.  
He was loose running around.  I told the dog he better go away
and I snapped his picture.  I then realized the owner let the dog loose from her van. 
I also took a picture of the licence plate.  Mostly because this has
 happened more than one time from the same dog. 

I've seen this dog and the owner before, twice before.  
The dog was loose the first time I saw them and the dog was barking and
growling then as well. 
I was only there a second and another lady arrived grabbed a 
doggy bag and then decided to loose her dog 
from it's leash.  I wouldn't be surprised if the first lady texted a friend. 
 That's how fast things can happen today.

I only stayed long enough this morning to examine
 the plant I was telling you about yesterday.  It's puzzling to me.
The markings are different and smaller, maybe the markings the insects made
were temporary. Though there are still markings on this plant.

I need to take more pictures next time.


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