A Note For You - updated JUNE 2014

Dear Visitor,

This past week I have come to a decision to place ads on the treasure box blogs. I do not agree with all individual ads that will be displayed.  I have been paying Google on a monthly bases it's a small amount but I have to borrow to pay it and I need to advertise to keep providing free materials.  My computer was corrupted and I lost many of my tools.  
I have made purchases and plan to purchase to be able to give.
I have been given the okay on this and know I need to be wise and see what God will allow me to do.  I have to trust God
even if other people have tried to destroy my efforts here. I will not throw away the untold hours of work I have put into these blogs.  I've had to go through allot, it's still is in God's hands.
I pray for their success and protection as I continue in the work.  My husband and family are 100% behind me on this.
Please pray for me.

I just wanted to leave a little note to let you know that for some reason my tags will not show up
under my posts so if you have trouble finding anything please feel free to ask.

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Susan Y Nikitenko